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Through conversations with the Canoe Kayak BC, member clubs have expressed constraints around recruitment and hiring of new staff, coaches and volunteers. The main area of concern is related to the numerous hours that member clubs are investing in the recruitment and hiring process, ultimately detracting from the time required to offer exceptional programming to existing and prospective members.  

In keeping with CKBC’s 4 Pillars of Success, the Centralized HR Pilot Project will aim to enhance membership support in offering member clubs resources to assist with employee/volunteer talent recruitment. 


  • Enhance membership support specific to recruiting and hiring staff/coaches/volunteers to allow clubs to continually execute exceptional programming for their members
  • In providing centralized HR processes, it is CKBC’s goal that member clubs can invest time on the continuous growth of their organization and program offerings 


  • The immediate intended result of the Centralized HR Pilot is to save member clubs time and resources that were otherwise spent on recruitment and hiring of staff/coaches/volunteers. In centralizing HR processes through CKBC, clubs can invest time into what matters most, offering exceptional programming for current and prospective members


  • Greater visibility of opportunities within the paddle sport sector
  • Broader reach of potential candidates for paddle sport job opportunities
  • Cohesiveness in recruitment of staff and volunteers among paddle clubs
  • Enriched communication between CKBC and member clubs regarding program needs and opportunities
  • Availability for additional recruitment and onboarding resources for clubs as required

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