Coach Mentorship Program


The Canoe Kayak BC (CKBC) Coach Mentorship Program is a key component of CKBC’s Strategic objectives which supports the development, retention, and advancement of coaches in British Columbia. This initiative is aimed at providing opportunities for coaches interested in developing their coaching skills who may be pursuing leadership roles in coaching as part of a career advancement strategy.

Overarching Program Goals

  1. Integration and alignment of club development philosophy/Practices with Provincial Program Goals

  2. Increase coaches’ level of knowledge through formal and informal learning opportunities

  3. Provide training camp and competition opportunities

  4. Recruit and retain coaches in British Columbia

Specific Program Goals

  1. Organizational Effectiveness

    - Structural: Organizational chart/job descriptions/terms of Employment

    - Behavioural: Leadership/communicating effectively/managing behaviour/resolving conflict

    - Recruitment and retention strategies (Club/Board/Athletes)

    - Fostering inclusive and diverse club/training environments

  2. Technical Coaching Effectiveness

    - The coaching education timelines and requirements (NCCP Certification and Professional Development)

    - Developing technical expertise in the context of Canoe Kayak Canada’s Technical Template

    - Programming for excellence with a Long Term Athlete Centred focus

  3. Competition Event Management

    - Event organizing and management

    - Regatta entries using athlete centred practices

    - As needed Topics (boat transport/athlete travel etc.)

  4. Coach Health and Well-being Strategies

    - Develop physical health, psychological health, emotional health and social/spiritual/cultural health strategies to ensure coaches are happy, confident and retain their passion for helping athletes on and off the water

    - Foster relationships with other mentees in the Mentorship Program, as well as connecting with other coaches and administrators in British Columbia

Program Schedule

  • Quarter 1: Late July to mid-September
  • Quarter 2: Mid-September to December
  • Quarter 3: December to mid-March
  • Quarter 4: Mid-March to June



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Contact Provincial Coach Blake Dalton ( with any questions regarding the Coach Mentorship Program.