External Sport Credentials

Program Objective

To provide opportunities for students in BC to earn elective credits towards high school graduation by successfully reaching a standard of sport excellence as an athlete or coach. At this time, Canoe Kayak BC does not provide credit for officials.

Program Description

The Ministry of Education and Child Care partners with both the Sport Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sport and viaSport to manage the External Sport Credentials Program (ESCP). Students can get graduation credits by completing approved Athlete or Coach programs. 


External Sport Credentials are elective credits and cannot be used to substitute for required courses such as Physical Health and Education 10.

You must meet minimum standards as an Athlete or Coach. Learn more about the sport programs that qualify for credit towards graduation:

A student cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation within the same category. For example:

  • As a selected athlete who competed on a provincial team, a student earns credits for Athlete Level 3. Being selected and competing on another Athlete Level 3 team (in a different sport) does not earn additional credits, student can only receive credit for Athlete Levels 1, 2, and 3 once

Getting credit

To confirm involvement in an approved program, students must request a verification letter.

Students can do this by completing the CKBC form: Click here to complete the form.

Students are responsible for submitting the letter of verification of participation for External Sport Credentials to their high school counselor.

Although students may earn External Sport Credentials at any time, students are encouraged to submit their documentation only after they enter Grade 10.