All CKBC member clubs are covered under the CKBC insurance policy through SBC Insurance. This policy provides the club's registered members with:

  • accident insurance
  • general liability insurance
  • director and officer insurance

Insurance coverage applies to clubs in good standing with all membership requirements fulfilled. Failure to comply with CKBC's policies and procedures may result in placement into bad standing and withdrawal of insurance coverage.

Insurance Information & forms

Other Forms

  • Incident Report form
    • For Member Clubs to be used to submit any incident that may have occurred during regular and special event programming.
  • Sanction Request Form
    • For Members (excluding Individual Memberships) to apply for a sanction permit for non-regular club activities (i.e. Regattas, Open Houses, Special Events, Festivals, etc.). Events that will be sanctioned must comply with being necessary to perform the sport. For example, social events are likely to not be sanctioned. Activities that contribute to the sport (i.e. swimming lessons, fitness/gym, etc.) will be sanctioned. For more information feel free to email sanctioning @ for 
  • Travel Permit Form
    • For Member Clubs to use when paddlers at their Club are traveling outside of British Columbia.