Club Operations

Whether your club is hosting an open house, festival or regatta, following standardized best practices is recommended. The Club Operations Manual allows clubs to view the minmium standards of operations for various club activitites.

Event Hosting Information 

  • CKBC sanctioning is required. 

    Events which are sanctioned by CKBC receive the following:

    • provide sanction for the event resulting in insurance coverage
    • post all information about the event on the Canoe Kayak BC website
    • provide registration and training opportunities for officials and volunteers

    Clubs are expected to following the appropriate hosting policy to ensure they meet the sanctioning requirements.

Operations Forms

  • Additionally Insured Request Form
  • Regional Development Fund
  • Incident Report form
    • For Member Clubs to be used to submit any incident that may have occurred during regular and special event programming.
  • Sanction Request Form
    • For Members (excluding Individual Memberships) to apply for a sanction permit for non-regular club activities (i.e. Regattas, Open Houses, Special Events, Festivals, etc.).
  • Travel Permit Form
    • For Member Clubs to use when paddlers at their Club are traveling outside of British Columbia.
  • More forms, templates and resources are available to President/Commodores in the President/Commodore section of the Website.