Provincial and NextGen Selection Criteria

2023-2024 Selection Criteria for Canoe Kayak BC Provincial and NextGen Teams is Now Available!

Canoe Kayak BC is thrilled to announce the release of the 2023-2024 selection criteria for the Sprint and Slalom Provincial Teams, as well as the NextGen Team. This comprehensive document outlines the standards, requirements, and expectations for athletes aiming to be nominated to these teams.

Aspiring paddlers, coaches, and enthusiasts, this is your roadmap to excellence! The selection criteria offer clear insights into what it takes to represent your province at the highest levels of competitive canoe and kayak racing.

Head to the Canoe Kayak BC Governance page for all the details on the selection criteria. 

Don't miss this opportunity to chart your course towards paddling greatness. Whether you're a seasoned athlete looking to continue your journey or a rising star with your sights set on the NextGen Team, this criteria provides the guidance you need.

Stay updated, stay motivated, and let the 2023-2024 selection criteria be your compass on the path to success!

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